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Jolene Tibaydin Dog Training and Behaviour Expert

From the age of 8 I knew I wanted to be a dog trainer

When most children were getting Roald Dahl books I wanted books on dog breeds. I would study them and want to know everything about each breed.

But from that moment I knew I wanted to be a dog trainer and dogs would be my life.

Throughout my childhood I would train my own dogs and got a job with dogs as soon as I could as well as going to college for animal care.

From the age of 15 I worked in a boarding kennels and learnt lots about dogs body language and behaviours.

Once I had completed numerous training and behaviour qualifications I started working as a dog trainer. As well as the fact I loved working with dogs I found I loved helping the owners.

My early behaviour qualifications around 17 years ago were very focused on science-based learning for dogs so that has definitely continued to be a passion for me. Punishment based learning is outdated and doesn’t have a place in dog training and I searched more for gentle, relationship building methods.

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This brought me to find Tellington Ttouch which has brought so much more to my training and behaviour work.

The 3 years it took to qualify as a practitioner taught me so much more about working with dogs, but especially anxiety issues.

I have now been a qualified practitioner for 12 years and using Ttouch still continues to help me with behaviour issues I’m working with.

Scentwork has always been of interest to me and the benefits it can provide for dogs.

I wanted to provide amazing scent detection workshops for my clients and their dogs to add a bonding activity as well as mental stimulation. I am a qualified UK sniffer dogs instructor up to Gold level in scent detection and Bronze level in tracking.

I am also a Absolute dogs Pro Dog Trainer, I really enjoy this way of training and put lots of the game based training into my classes as well as using it with one to one sessions.

After 16 years working as a trainer I still continue to do several courses each year as I don’t think you can ever stop learning.

The dog training world is always evolving and I never want to stop learning and providing the best training and advice I can to my clients.

I think I’m extremely lucky to have the opportunity to change both dogs and peoples lives for the better through my work.

Happy Clients!


“Joleyn is just the best.

We’ve been to puppy class, sniffer dog workshop, and had some 1:1s. All have been superb.

Our pup is now 6 months old and we can take her anywhere (she’s currently laying on her mat in the corner of a busy pub while we enjoy dinner out – all because of her training).”

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