One to One Dog Training

tibaydin one to one dog training

Often when we have behaviour problems with our dog it can be very isolating.

We feel embarrassed about how our dog behaves but also lost about the best way to improve it.

There is so much information out there online much of which is conflicting advice. It’s hard to know when we just want to do the best for our dog.

With our one to one packages, it’s about exploring why the problems are happening and how we can change the behaviour.

We put a plan into place that suits both you and your dog.

We have one to one packages as the support between sessions is very important for both you and your dog.

All training is positive using science based methods and no punishment.

Does your dog bark at other dogs or people on your walks?

Have you stopped having visitors over because your dog gets too excited?

Are your walks becoming less and less enjoyable?

Some of the problems we can help with but are not limited to:
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This can be your dog reacting to a dog, person or anything else.

When our dogs react this could be a variety of things ranging from pulling and lunging towards to barking and growling.

This could be if our dogs are worried about seeing what they are reacting to or frustration in wanting to get towards it.

We are mainly looking to change your dogs emotional response and promote a positive reaction.

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Excessive Barking?

This could be at home or out of the home.
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Our dogs may be anxious in certain situations or places. We can work through reducing your dogs anxiety and increasing confidence. For anxiety issues we use Tellington Ttouch within our training.
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Lead walking issues?

Dogs pulling the lead is quite a common problem but it can definitely cause your walks to be unenjoyable. We can work on your ability to have your dog wanting to offer a loose lead. By looking into what is causing our dog to pull or not want to walk we can put training into place.
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Visitors coming to the house?

If your dog is worried or over excited about people coming to the house we can work on them feeling confident and calm.
What do our packages include?

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Coming out to you or somewhere of your choice.

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Each session is followed with videos to help practice

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Each session is followed up with written notes.

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Full support between sessions including contact by phone or email

Packages for one to one dog training

Happy Clients!


“Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me, I’m so grateful as I really struggled with my dog barking at other dogs whilst walking & was being pulled towards them.

It’s amazing how quickly his behaviour has changed after 4 weeks of one to one training.

I really would recommend to anyone as there is hope for any dog struggling with behaviour issues.

I’ve learnt so much as well as jack! He is like a different dog.

Unbelievable how much he’s learnt in a short period of time.

I’ve also gained more confidence along the way so again thank you so much!”

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