Tibaydin training has been a huge success in helping me work with my dog.  Since we began taking classes both myself and my dog have become more confident and better connected.  I as an owner  I have learned to relax and have learned what signals to look for when working with my dog.  Ms. Jolene is knowledgeable, professional, and makes her class feel welcome.  I have personally referred friends to bring their dogs to her for training.  I look forward to our classes.
Angela Wineburner & Katie
We got Frankie our Whippet at 9 months and Minnie our Whippet  X at 12 months. Neither dog had received much in the way of training and socialisation.
We took them along to Tibaydin  training classes, and even after the first few classes we could see the improvement in their behaviour.
The classes are fun for both dogs and humans! As well as the training, we have picked up lots of useful tips and Jolene has given us lots of really  helpful  advice on some of the behavioural problems that we have had with the dogs.
We would highly recommend Tibayden Dog Training classes to other dog owners.
Caroline, Frankie & Minnie

Hi Jolene,

Just wanted to thank you for all your help, advice, and support with training Katie so far. She is an absolute joy to take out, as everything we have learnt in class, applies to our walks.

She really enjoys the lessons and we are looking forward joining you for the next level.

Pam Auld & Katie

I started puppy training classes with my puppy Newfoundland and within a short period of time he was listening to commands. It also helped with behaviour issues being able to ask questions and getting invaluable advice, especially while working with a rehomed dog.

I would recommend the course to anyone with a puppy. It was useful for both handler and puppy!

Alison & Bruno

Jolene was fantastic! She was very knowledgable and patient with all the dog’s different needs. She paid individual attention to each pet owner’s questions, giving useful advice that we continue to use today

Evie & Dakota

Jolene and her assistants at Tibaydin K9 Services have been great. My partner and I now have a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback pup (Evah) and we have worked with Jolene since our pup was only a couple months old through the beginners/novice, intermediate, and some agility.

Many a time, I have emailed Jolene and asked for advice on how to work with Evah on certain habits or encounters she was struggling with. For example, how to work with her on new people coming into our home, people on bicycles, jumping up, barking at newcomers…etc. Jolene has given me in-person advice while showing me what to do as well as email advice and tips and tricks we could try. Plus, every dog is different and they each have their own quirks so finding out what was right for Evah took a bit of practice, but Jolene was great.

Evah still tends to not quite understand her own strength and is still loves to play rough, but her training has helped her to understand what we expect from her and what she can expect from us on a regular basis. Tibaydin K9 Services and their training classes were wonderful, and it helped Evah get used to other dogs, young, old, trained, and untrained. Jolene always welcomes back dogs for refresher courses or if you feel maybe your dog didn’t catch on to quite everything; a little reinforcement is always a good thing.

Special Thanks to Jolene & Tibaydin k9 Services.

Tyler, Alicia & Evah

My dog Bullet and I have been going to dog training classes with Jolene Coates of Tibaydin K9 Services for several months. Jolene has covered a wide range of training aspects including redirection, off lead training and behavioural problems. Jolene is always very positive and on every occasion has come up good practical solutions to any problems that any of the owners have been experiencing. Also, an important aspect is that Jolene makes the owners and dogs feel at ease. I have been really pleased with the progress Bullet has made as not only have I noticed a vast improvement in his behaviour but so have my friends, family and the vet. As an example, before having started training with Jolene, Bullet was very unsettled and aggressive on his visits to the vet and we were advised he needed behavioural training. On our last visit to the vet, having had training with Jolene, Bullet was happy to lay flat on his side to have his stitches examined and showed no sign of anxiety. Bullet gets excited every time when we go to training. Not only do I feel a great improvement in my confidence with Bullet but it has helped us to bond together. I would highly recommend Jolene as a very professional and competent dog trainer.

Jacquie & Bullet

I have been trained by Jolene for a number of years. Her method of training is calm and confident, which she imparts on all of those training. She has a knack of breaking tasks down, so that all those participating see improvements. Her methods are extremely clear and are always done in a friendly positive manner.

I personally have ten dogs, which are shown at the highest level – much of
my showing success including winning at Crufts for the last 3 years with
different dogs can be attributed to her general training classes and her
exceptional one to one training. Her manner with my dogs, which are
pastoral and hounds is fantastic to the extent that they are totally adoring of her. I would trust her implicitly with them.

Claire Norman

I found the training really helpful and in a very relaxed and informal

The class are not too large, allowing for a more personal feel and the
advice and help from Jolene was fantastic.

Really good fun, I would highly recommend it.

Emma & Fella

Our 100 lb ‘puppy’ Maximus had been through one training course, but needed a refresher when we went through the Beginner’s Class with Jolene. We worked on basic training and some agility, and Jolene was always asking what we needed help with most so we could work on those specific issues. I was having trouble controlling him on the lead, and had resorted to a prong collar to try and get him not to drag me down the road. With Jolene’s help and encouragement, I was able to get Maximus used to the gentle leader, and now even my nine year old can help with him on walks. We were also having trouble with him jumping on any guests who walked through our front door, and her suggestions have helped tremendously. Maximus loved going to class each week, and we look forward to getting him into the next level up.

Amy Signor