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Positive training that works for you and your dog

With Tibaydin Dog Training

Positive Dog Training that works for you and your dog

With Tibaydin Dog Training

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Are you struggling with your dogs behaviour and want to improve both yours and your dogs lives?

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Are you looking for group classes to help improve your dog's training

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Do you want to spend time with your dog learning new activities like scent detection?

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Would you like to work with an experienced dog trainer of 16 years?

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Are you looking for a trainer who is qualified in positive, science based training and continues annually to keep their skills updated?

I can help!

I’m Jolene and I am passionate about helping owners and their dogs. I work closely with owners offering support to change behaviour they are having problems with. Ultimately I strive to improve the life of both dogs and their owners.

Based on 17 reviews
Imogen Robinson
Imogen Robinson
Jolene is an absolute natural talent with dogs of all kinds and helped us deal with a number of issues when we adopted a street dog from Romania of a difficult breed. She helped us with resource guarding, fear aggression, dog/bike reactivity, general building of trust and so many other things in a matter of a few days for some things. Jolene is always professional and incredibly kind and phrases things in a way that make them easier for us humans to understand. I recommended her to friends when they got a German Shepherd puppy and they had both one on one sessions and went to the puppy classes which they said were also really good! I honestly can't say enough good things so I'll leave it here but I would absolutely recommend Tibaydin for any kind of dog with any kind of basic/enhanced training needs or with any behavioral issues! Thank you again Jolene!
Claire Tilbrook
Claire Tilbrook
I booked 2 1-2-1 sessions with Jolene for my nervous rescue pup. She took a full history and asked lots of questions so that she could really understand our needs. She was very sensitive to he's anxiety and worked with me to build our confidence. Jolene offered sensible suggestions and goals that would easily fit into our busy family life. I am really pleased with the progress we made in just 2 sessions and use the techniques we learnt daily! I would and do recommend people look up Tibaydin Dog Training!
Diane Sampson
Diane Sampson
Jolene is a wonderful trainer, she's kind, patient and passionate about training dogs. her classes are imformative and fun, she also had my rescue dog for a week of collect and train for his lack of recall which he definitely benefitted from. I would recommend Tibaydin Dog Training 100%
Terry Reeves
Terry Reeves
Have been with Jolene for over 2 years. In that time my Golden Retriever has been through puppy to advanced classes. The training groups are small, informal & immense fun for owners & the dogs.Lots of friendships formed with like-minded people! The classes are very professional with lots of help & advice given; there is a test at the end of the advanced classes which gives you & your dog a goal to aim for. Jolene also offers additional training in Hoopers, Tellington Touch & Sniffer Dog Trials. Am really looking forward to these all starting again!

Why Tibaydin?

absolute dogs pro dog trainer

gold UK sniffer dogs instructor

experienced Tellington tTouch practitioner

kind, fun & effective training

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Dog & puppy training in:

Mildenhall, Lakenheath, Ely, Littleport, Newmarket, Soham, Red Lodge, Brandon, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire

Dog Training

1:1 dog training

With our one to one packages it’s about exploring why the problems are happening and how we can change the behaviour. We put a plan into place that suits both you and your dog.

Dog training classes

Throughout all of our classes the aim is to improve your dogs focus, confidence and bond. We try to teach exercises that will help in real life making life more enjoyable for both you and your dog.
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Happy Clients!


“I cannot praise Jolene enough.

She is a fantastic trainer and has a gift with dogs. She knows exactly how to get the best from your dog and expertly passes on this knowledge.

I have taken my dog to training since she was a puppy and enjoyed it so much that we are still attending advanced classes four years on.

It is amazing to see what my dog is capable of and how eager she is to learn.

I am now taking part in hoopers and soon starting the sniffer training Jolene offers.

I highly recommend Jolene for improving all aspects of dog behaviour and training.”

Puppy Training

Puppy One to One

Our puppy one to ones can really help for that help when you first get your puppy or a little later on when you need more support.

Our puppy one to ones are suitable for puppies 6 months old or under.

Puppy Classes

Throughout all of our classes the aim is to improve your puppies focus, confidence and bond giving your puppy the best start.

We try to teach exercises that will help in real life making life more enjoyable for both you and your puppy.

dog and puppy training Mildenhall Lakenheath Ely Littleport Newmarket Soham Red Lodge Brandon Suffolk Cambridgeshire

Happy Clients!


Jolene has a wonderful way with dogs.

Owning large breed dogs is sometimes challenging mainly due to the attitude of some trainers and puppy classes.

Jolene is so experienced with all breeds but especially large breeds like my Mastiff. We were experiencing overwhelming ‘play’ with our 9 stone pup.

Due to his size I knew we had to get it under control as soon as possible. From the minute Jolene met him, he was putty in her hands!

We have followed her training techniques and used the strategies that she showed us. It worked within weeks and he (and us) have learnt so much.

We found the training videos so useful too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jolene.

Apart from her brilliant training skills and patience she is also always happy to answer any questions we may have.

My pup is now coming up to the stroppy teenage phase and it’s comforting to know that should we need any further help we have Jolene to help.

Thank you Jolene!

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Dog Activities

Canine Hoopers

A great low impact dog sport that is extremely inclusive. We use a mixture of hoops, tunnels and barrels within courses which makes it low impact.

 UK Sniffer Dog Training

Scent detection training has long been widely used across the world, for working and operational services. This is suitable for all dogs no matter the age or breed.

Tellington Ttouch

Ttouch is a unique teaching system designed to support our companion animals through times of stress, trauma and problematic behaviour.
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