Canine Hoopers

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What is Hoopers?

A great low impact dog sport that is extremely inclusive.

We use a mixture of hoops, tunnels and barrels within courses which makes it low impact.

Can my dog try hoopers?

Yes this sport is suitable for all dogs ranging for both small and large dogs as well as old and young.

As it’s a low impact sport it’s not restricted with age or size of the dog.

It’s a fun sport for everyone to try.

Can we do it for fun?

Yes our sessions are aimed at being fun and relaxed so not for competition.

It’s a great way for you to create a bond with your dog as well as developing more focus and engagement.

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How will this benefit my dog?

This is great to help with off lead work so your dog will enjoy working closely with you.

It can also help with impulse control but is also amazing for mental stimulation.


What happens during a hoopers session?

When you come along to a hoopers session we work on bringing a course together including all the obstacles.

Initially this is broken down so both you and the dog are happy with it and then we bring the whole course together.

The aim is to set both you and your dog up for success as well as making it fun.

The course work is done with one dog doing it at a time so I can concentrate on helping both dog and owners improve.

But as it’s a group session the dogs get used to having the distraction of other dogs being present.


We currently have Hoopers sessions each month so you pay for the 1 hour session rather than a course.

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