Dog Training Classes

puppy classes with tibaydin dog trainer Jolene

Group training classes for older dogs

Classes range from our beginners class up to more advanced training.

Throughout all of our classes the aim is to improve your dogs focus, confidence and bond. We try to teach exercises that will help in real life making life more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

All of our classes are positive reward and games based training.


The House of Muddy Paws
Bay Farm
Barton Mills
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Classes on offer

Novice Class

This class is suitable for dogs who have completed puppy or beginners classes or have a good understanding of basic exercises.

We start to progress the dogs within this course working on focus when off lead.

We teach valuable exercises like an emergency stop that can help you with your dog’s safety in real life situations.

We also build up our dogs ability to work at a distance from us confidently.

5 week course 1hr lesson each week £85

Advanced Class

This class is suitable for dogs who have completed a novice course or have a higher level of training.

Our advanced class is where dogs can continue attending we have dogs who have been in this class for years and continue to enjoy it and learn new things.

Each weeks class includes training needed in everyday life, great mental stimulation and advanced activities.

Within this course, we also have an end of course competition where everyone works towards the competition through the weeks.

5 week course 1hr lesson each week £75

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dog training classes Mildenhall Lakenheath Ely Littleport Newmarket Soham Red Lodge Brandon Suffolk Cambridgeshire

Happy Clients!


“I took my dog (Milo) to beginners classes and was apprehensive having had a bad experience with a previous trainer.

Jolene was fantastic from the start! We have now completed the intermediate course and are moving on to advanced classes and hoop training.

Milo was initially anxious about leaving my side in class but with Jolene’s patience he now is excited to see her. I like that Jolene allows Milo (and the other dogs) to build up confidence in their own time.

I love that the training is completely rewards based. Jolene sets the dogs up to succeed by breaking each task down into smaller chunks.

She is able to adapt the class to suit each dog. Jolene explains the tasks clearly and is always happy to explain again if (like me) you have the memory of a goldfish!

The classes are good fun and it is clear that Jolene cares about the dogs. She is always looking for opportunities to praise and encourage the dogs. When things don’t quite go to plan, Jolene is patient and sees the funny side rather than making you feel judged.

I would recommend these classes for anyone who wants to train with their dog in a fun way with a friendly, knowledgable, caring instructor where nothing is too much trouble!”

tibaydin dog training classes
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dog training classes
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